I Am Back

Over the years, I have written in journals in an attempt to cope with a dark period in my life.  I, now, want to write from a place of light.  At one point, I had moved away from a life I had known for the majority of my adult life, leaving it, then, to begin again.  While deeply angry and saddened by so much loss, I found myself on the edge of a nature preserve with paths leading in and around the woods.  They say a forest is a place where you can take in deeper breaths, a place where trees give generously of their oxygen.  So, I walked the paths and took in deep cleansing breaths.  Initially, apprehensive, I found myself becoming more and more confident with each stroll.  I started carrying my camera because, for as distraught as I was, I was seeing the beauty in everything that surrounded me.

It has been two years now, and I to reflect the light that has been shared with me.  My hope is to bring this woods to you, through photos and reflections, so you too can take a deep breath.