Every New Beginning Starts By Saying “Good-bye”


Every new beginning starts
By walking away.
It’s finding the inner strength
To let go of yesterday.

Memories want you to linger;
Thoughts of what you leave behind.
Anticipation moves you forward;
Wondering what tomorrow has in mind.

Surround yourself with flowers now.
Something about them calms the fear.
Find a place to just be still.
Let God be ever near.

This new beginning
Is part of the path that’s meant to be.
It leads to future memories;
New joy and happiness. You’ll see.

Every new beginning
Somehow makes you cry
Because every new beginning
Starts by saying “Good-bye”.


  1. wordsandmore says:

    Hello JPeshel1, this is Wordsandmore, Reblogging this poem, since it fits with one of my topics today, “new beginnings.” Also connects with me because I recently re-read Robert Frost’s poem about the road not taken.

  2. wordsandmore says:

    Reblogged this on Words and Other Arts and commented:
    Speaking of new beginnings, from jpeschel1’s blog at jpeschel1.com

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