The Back To School Nightmare

The season is here again.
Time to head back to school.
But wait!
I graduated from high school 50 years ago.

And so why am I still having nightmares about school?

The Back To School Dream

I’m in school, taking multiple classes. It’s college, not high school and it feels like that first semester when I didn’t understand how to schedule the right number of credits and I feel as though I have taken too many. This reminds me of what really happened to me. I didn’t understand that I could drop a class so instead I work on getting the assignments done for all the other classes and I simply stop going to the last one. I understand I will fail this class.

But Now It’s Exam Time

There are required papers/projects to be completed. One project just simply doesn’t have me worried, so I put it off. Another project is a paper. I’ve been working on it here and there for awhile but now it’s crunch time and I can’t find the work anywhere. Somehow, I’ve misplaced it. Now, I panic. Spinning in circles trying to decide whether I should work on the “no brainer” and get it done or keep looking for the lost one. I start to talk to myself: “Don’t worry. You did it once. It will be easy to pull it back together again. Just start it over.” But, I keep searching. Where is it? Where could I have left it? Time is running out! And then I’m talking again, this time berating myself: “This is so embarrassing, I know I failed once class straight up and now this! I feel so stupid!

And Then I Wake Up!

I’m initially still beating myself up but then the fog lifts and I realize that I had just been dreaming. I am no longer in school, taking any kind of class. I have no assignments. There is nothing to fail fail anymore.

So Why Do I Have This Dream Over And Over Again?

What does it mean? Is there supposed to be some kind of message for me?

Here’s What I Think

This is a metaphor for my life. Each class represents an oportunity that I’ve been given some time in my life; lessons maybe that I was supposed to learn. And now, it’s time to be tested. How did I do with the opportunities given to me? Did I take advantage of each, did I learn from them, or did I disregard some thinking that I had plenty of time to revisit it?

How many opportunities did I see as so simple that I could give it just a little focus later, no problem – only to run out of time to do it at all?

How many opportunities do I put some effort in to but get distracted, lose focus, and then struggle to figure out where I left off losing time trying to put past work back together again?

If This Is Not Life, I Don’t Know What Is

So there you have it. Your life is a not-stop school experience. We are presented with many opportunities to learn and we make choices. We choose throughout our life to focus on some and disregard some. We choose to hurry through some and let some wait thinking there will always be time.

And Then The Day Comes

The assignments are due! Your opportunities have come to an end. It’s time to present your work to a higher power.

What did you accomplish? Oh gosh,, where did the time go? Did I give it everything I had or did I squander my time? Am I proud of my efforts or embarrassed?

Life – Education Education – Life

Don’t wait until the day that all assignments are due to suddenly realize that you missed out.

Opportunities – Choices Choice – Opportunities

So no matter how old you are, WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL. You’re not done until all assignments have been called in.