You Are Tougher Than You Think


Like the waterfall, life is ever changing and in constant motion.

I find myself facing a milestone birthday.  I’ve long ago stopped feeling a desire to celebrate this date.  Yet, I am thankful to be here.  So, I want to do something that will keep me focused on the positive.  I contemplated recording daily gratitudes but although I have so much to be grateful for I want to do something more. I want to give myself daily messages of affirmation,  And, I will record them here to keep me accountable.

Now, I can’t just dream up a positive message on my own so I will be guided by my Spirit Message cards.  They will provide the daily message. I’ve decided on a number and will shuffle the deck each day and simply count to that number and flip the card and read the message.  I will decide how it is meant to be MY message for the day.  There are 286 days until this milestone birthday so this gives me ample time to fill myself with confidence and acceptance that no matter how old I get, I am grateful for every single day I’m given.

So here begins Day number 286.

“You’re A Lot Tougher Than You Think”

How many moments in our life do we feel weak, inadequate, confused, even frozen?  Last night, I had a dream.  I was scrambling to set up a simple presentation for someone I admire and I couldn’t get a grip.  I struggled to even collect my thoughts.  I woke up thankful it was just a dream.  But, seriously, I know that I have been through this scenario many times in my life.  So when I shook off the dream state and actually took a breath and thought about it I found reassurance.  I know, from years of experience, that I have always found my way to the other side of these debilitating situations. And, I come out of it feeling like I conquered the world.

How Exactly Do I Do That?

How is it that I am able to take a seemingly disastrous moment and somehow make it work?

There were times, even now, that I let opportunities pass me by.  I make excuses that are really only covering up my fear. When I face that fear and I realize that I have control over it.  Me!  No one else. And so I dig deep down into my gut and I pull out that thing called Bravery.  I am braver than I think.  Perhaps, that’s my toughness!

I Do Go After What I Want

When I think about it now, I realize that when I want something, really want something, I dig down into that spot. When I’m concerned that it might not be right for me, I step slowly, cautiously but try to keep stepping forward. Then, if there is an obstacle that I can’t correct, I accept that as a sign that this was not meant to be.  The hardest thing for me is to not create obstacles.  I need to keep my focus on moving forward.

Don’t Let Others Choose Your Path

Sometimes, especially as I’ve gotten older, I feel weak; physically weaker than I want to feel.  I had one person tell me that I just needed to accept the fact that I’m getting older and I should slow down, sit back, enjoy that cup of coffee.

To me, these are fighting words!  I don’t want to slow down.  I don’t want to sit back.  And I can enjoy my coffee while I move. So, I will get myself to the gym.  I will go for walks.  I will lift weights.  And I will eat healthier. Thank you very much.

I Can Already Feel The Power Of This

What a great way to begin each day and to build myself up as I countdown to this birthday.  I am going to celebrate it every day for the next 286 days.


Like the waterfall:  Always moving.  Never the same.



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