This Is A Good Time For A New Adventure

Day 285

Read “You Are Tougher Than You Think” for the background.

I pull two Spirit cards today.   Card one reads:

“This is a good time for a new adventure.”

Well, I did just buy a new suitcase yesterday but what really constitutes “adventure”?  While I am traveling this weekend, this trip is not a new venture for me. So, this year, I think that a new adventure might have to be something like trying a new food or forcing myself to sign up for a group fitness class.  But nowadays, I can make a new adventure out of downloading a new app and playing with it for awhile.

Then the second card reads:

“Face your problems head on with confidence and courage and you will emerge victorious.”

Well this is a good card for this year.  Although having a birthday is not a problem, getting older is!  Every year of life has it’s passages.  My grandchildren remind me of those developmental milestones that seem to miraculously happen with just the passage of time. And over the years, I remember looking forward to that first double digit birthday, or the year I could be officially called a teenager.  Then came the legal right to drive or to drink or to vote.  I met each of these adventures with so much anticipation and joy.  With the passage of time, it seemed there was always something to look forward to: graduating, getting married, having children, job advancement.

Now with the passage of time, I don’t look too far forward.  I have occurrences that keep my focus grounded in the present.  Call them problems, maybe.  Like, for instance, my eyes are giving me problems making it hard to drive in direct sunlight or at night.  Then out of nowhere, I acquire a bump on the top of my foot making it hard to wear nice shoes.  You know, things like that.

So every day is a new adventure with a new problem.

Not all adventures are health related though.  There was this furnace adventure this past month that took my checkbook by surprise at Christmas time.

Wait a minute, there’s another adventure!  

Who uses paper checks anymore?  So, here’s the story.  I needed money to pay for the furnace, right?  So, with the help of my financial planner, we decide to pull some money from an annuity.  (Permissible due to my age).  But they couldn’t provide the money because my address was different from their’s .  Now that things have gone paperless,  who thinks to update addresses?  I had been receiving statements all along.  Then they also needed a voided check!  Yes, I do have checks but I’ve moved at least three times with my same box of checks so they have yet another address!  And then both things had to be sent via USPS, with a stamp!  I mean I had provided all the other paper work by uploading it but for some reason these two things could not be scanned.  They had to come snail trail.

Still, I met the problem head on and I did emerge victorious.  My furnace will be paid for and now small monthly draws from this annuity will also help fund my health card deductible account.

Adventures and problems have taken on a whole new meaning this year.  What, oh what will tomorrow bring?

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