See The Big Picture

Day 284

Read “You’re Tougher Than You Think”  for the background.

Today’s Spirit Card Message

“You’re too enmeshed in this situation.  Step back.  See the bigger picture.”

When I read this, my first thought was “Am I being selfish?  Writing about my countdown to my milestone birthday?”  For a moment, I felt guilt wash over me.   In no way have I ever thought that “I” was the most important thing in this world.  I have known people like that.  They’re not easy to be around.  And yet, my daily countdown IS mine; but I don’t want this to be about ME.  If I step back and look at the big picture what I see is everyone.  We are all in this life together and we all face the same countdown.

“You’re Not That Special”

It’s funny, you know, because throughout my life, I have been told in one way or another that I am not that special. And now what springs to mind with that thought is the fact that I seriously have spent my life doing for others; enmeshed in their needs.  It’s hard, really hard, for me to even envision putting myself first.  I can remember only once saying, “I want to go on a vacation and here is where I want to go.”  Even then, that vacation was taken over by others and fully planned.  I always let that happen.  I want more than anything for others to be happy. Their happiness is my calm, my peace.

Reread This Message

“You’re too enmeshed in this situation.  Step back. See the bigger picture.”

So maybe this message isn’t about thinking too much about myself but maybe thinking too much about others. No one is going to take care of my needs except me.  No one knows what I want or desire unless I tell them.  No one can be blamed if I don’t speak up.

Our Life Is A Gift

I am here.  That is the gift I was given. So if I have been given this gift and all I do is parse it out to others, I only have me to blame.

“Step Back.  Look At The Bigger Picture”

When I initially stepped back and looked at my big picture, remember I said that it was full of everyone.  I was not the center of my big picture. In fact, I might not have even been in the picture.

So, my message for today is:

I need to put myself in the bigger picture.

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