Today I Pray

Personal Collection


For all the courageous and resilient women
Carrying babies to strange lands.
Sheltering them from harm,
The very best they can.
For all the gentle men who picked up weapons
To protect their families, their land.

For all the elderly and sick who’ve been forced
to leave care facilities just when they needed help more.
For all who have lost their lives due to
This unprovoked, unwanted war!
For the loss of homes, hospitals, airports and roads
That once stood so tall and proud
But now exist no more.

But now also pray for the fighters
Who were made to believe the lies
And even pray for Putin ~ that he be stopped
Before he destroys more lives.
Hate, greed, power must be stopped.
Hate, greed, and power are the things that must die.

Pray for the gentle men,
The courageous women
The elderly and the sick.
Pray for the innocent children,
And the countries that
Opened their doors so wide, so quick.
Pray for those who live in Russia
Who don’t understand this war.
Help them find a way to stop the madman
So we all can live in peace once more.

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