I Am A “Boomer”!

And I Have Something To Say

Lately, there’s been a lot of finger waving at the generation of Baby Boomers. It’s always like that though.  My generation berated both the older generations and the younger; Always claiming that “they” didn’t do enough, didn’t care enough, were too old fashioned or too lazy.

But then I heard, “things won’t change until the “Boomers” are all dead and gone.”

And that definitely was reason to pause!  I’ve never wished another generation DEAD!

But that’s kind of the tone right now.  And here’s what I want to say. This baby boomer doesn’t want to be dead yet!

For all that the “Boomers” have done, good and bad, there is one legacy I would like to not leave my children.  And that is the legacy of acceptance of EVIL so I can prosper.

  • I don’t want environmental science experts dismissed as blowhards so that companies can spew more toxic air into the environment and continue mining  coal because it’s cheap energy and gives people a job!
  • I don’t want the legacy of my generation to be the one who turned it’s back on the rule of law allowing coverups, lies, and slanderous attacks to become the new normal and swinging the door wide open for countries, like Russia, to gain in power.
  • I don’t want our generation to be the one that rolls back all the progress we have  fought so hard to grow:  The Civil Rights Act (1964) saying we will not discriminate, and the part we played in advancing Women’s Rights.
  • I don’t want to believe that Mob Boss tactics (threats, manipulation, and lies) are the right way to govern.  I hear people say, “I don’t like it either but it’s working.” which only means that other countries think our leader is just crazy enough to blow us all up.
  • I don’t want to be the generation that closes the door on new immigrants because we are afraid of losing our whiteness.  White Nationalism can not be what we leave behind!

Now here’s the Hippie part coming out in me.

Yes, I grew up in the “Flower Generation”  I was a “Flower Child”, wanting nothing more than peace and love.  I’m still like that today.

  • I don’t praise bullies.  I try to determine what their insecurities are.
  • I see threatening behavior as abuse not strength.
  • I believe that compromise is a two way street not a “my way or highway” deal.
  • And I believe that we all can prosper if we are willing to share.  Greed is perhaps the greatest sin.

My greatest fear

is that nothing will change until all baby boomers are dead!

I, for one, am willing to turn the reigns over now to the next generation before we really do bankrupt the country or take our environment to a place of no return . I want common sense to rule again: Common sense Immigration.  Common sense gun laws, Common sense medical provisions. Common sense.

Let’s elect an entire government of next generation politicians.  Clear the slate. Seriously, “what do we have to lose?”